Designer's Delimma: For Non-Creatives

How to finally work with a designer to get the results you deserve.

The Content

In 33 pages

  • Color

    How color changes people's perception

  • Hierarchy

    How to present content in a systematic way.

  • Alignment

    How making content organize in readability.

  • Reptition

    How repaeting the same design elemnts help makes a better brand.

  • Proximity

    How making design breathe helps content become 

  • Typography

    How using the right typeface helps with the tone of the content.

  • Spacing

    How to increase readbility in long-form content.

  • Name
  • Learn how to understand your Designer's situation.

    Creative professionals are result driven .


The best way to work with a designer is by understanding your brand.

Start improving your brand today.