Designer's Dilemma: For Creatives

Learn how to finally be understood. For Good.

The Content

In 33 pages

  • Color

    How color changes people's perception

  • Hierarchy

    How to present content in a systematic way.

  • Alignment

    How making content organize in readability.

  • Reptition

    How repeating the same design elemnts help makes a better brand.

  • Proximity

    How making design breathe helps content become more alive.

  • Typography

    How using the right typeface helps with the tone of the content.

  • Spacing

    How to increase readbility in long-form content.

  • Name
  • Learn How to Understand your Client's Situation

    They are team member, make sure to include them in your design process.


The best way to present yourself as an expert is though teaching other's your skills.

Communicate verbally as well as visually.