How I Work

1. Identify the Problem

Design is about visual problem solving. In order to create the most effective work, we need to know the objective. This can be leads, conversions, awareness, on-boarding, etc. By understanding the target market, my designs will ultimately get you the results you need.

2. Research

This is where I find out everything about your brand, target market, and competition. It's important I ask you questions about these subjects to gain the best understanding of your situation and I can help you increase revenue.

3. Sketch

Now I pour all the ideas we brewed up from researching on paper. It’s quantity over quality about putting as many ideas, layout, proximity, contrast and other design principles. This can be multiple rounds depending on the task and how many sketches I have come up with. By echuating all other options, I'll know I came up with the best solution for you.

4. Craft

Now is when we hop on the computer, but before I go to work, I make sure the settings for the intended medium is met wether it’s print or web. It’s a must to use measurement grids and labeling the layers — This may sound trivial to you, but I work precisely and clean at all times. 


5. Revise

Once the design is done, it’s time we get feedback. This is crucial because criticism is how I improve. It’s quite rare to get it right the first time, that’s why it’s important to get other’s opinion. 

6. Deliver

After finilizing the design work, it is now time for you to recieve the final product. Depending on the task this can be several files to fit the situation you'll need. I am always interested in the final results as I am always learning and improving. As aways, your business revenue is my number one goal.