Logo & Brand Identity Guidelines Book 

Learn how to create an effective and cohesive style guide for your brand.

The Contents

  • 0.1 Logo Specifics 

    Learn the pinpoint specifics of line-height and distance from design elements.

  • 0.2 Typeface Details

    Know the when to use the right typeface and why.

  • 0.2.1 Typography in Use

    Layout the typography shows what a final result would look like.

  • 0.3 Color Specifications

    By listing out the Pantone, you will know your branding colors.

  • 0.4  Logo Styles

    By using the logo for the appropriate medium, you will know how versatile it is.

  • 0.5  Logo Best Practices

    To showcase all the do's and do not's in how a logo is represented for the brand.

  • Name
  • Your Brand is Everything

    Learn how to master it.

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