Veteran's National Lending Group

Veterans Lending Group is not just mortgage loan specialists–they are educators, community leaders, military service members or family of those who serve.

The Visual Problem

The visual identity was not as concrete as the competition and with no clear direction.

The Visual Solution:

Stand out from all the other VA loan lenders and find their own voice.


Infographics are a important marketing tool and were a market to reach the women that are qualified for VA loans


Using shapes of being in a gun show, veterans principles, and home lending, this flyer showcases their brand identity


Brochures of each loan officer to show their expertise and personality


Improving brand identity by following a brand guideline that follows what color, typeface, and variations that should always be used


PowerPoint presentations to show the process of getting a VA loan


A website that immediately shows their brand values and gets through their application as easy as possible


"Nick has been such a great help in getting veteran's the new homes they deserve. We apprecaite his creativity and go getting attitude."

- Brooke Villano, Branch Manager

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