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A cloud hosting business in Palm Springs, Florida providing the best hosting experience for all website traffic. The mission was to a provide clear informational layout and navigation for the user to understand. Their new clients were able to set up their own account with no hassle. By providing the layout, copy, and imagery, CloudBat has increased the sign up rate significantly.


Billy's Burgers

Billy's Burgers needed to showcase their delicious burgers in their beautiful location. The solution was to answer the question "Why should I care?" By giving a reassurance of a good time and quailty burgers. Their customers fwlt more welcomed while improving Billy's walk-in rate.



Travelrr is a tourist event planning service to Malang, Indonesia. With powerful photos and easy to follow navigation, the user sems them self on an upcoming journey. The sign up process takes as little steps as possible to get more sign ups. Customer experience is a virtue that Travelrr wants to make apparent as shown from their visuals.


Innovated activity tags that indicate the current status of the animal through color codes

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