Arrow is an apparel and accessories for men. The meaning of the arrows is to be sharp and precise, just like how their models represent their clothing. High quality is what they aim for and their branding reaches their mark. The black color is boosts the sleekness and elegance their clothing represents on men.

Dentistry Health Care is a non-profit organization on a quest to provide the most affordable care for children's teeth. The logo inspired by the love of the child's parent that cares for them just as much as penguins care for their young. The negative space of the mother penguin reveals a tooth outline the engulfs the baby penguin in its loving care. The aquamarine color is a pleasing and calming which removes the fear children usually associate with dentists.

A redesign of the famous Sea Shepard logo makes the identity more accurate to their mission to save oceanic wildlife. The Seahorse symbolizes the strength and protection as it leads the chariot moving forward. The red color bring passion for their branding to be more well known.

Captain BlackBeer is a fictitious brewery that influenced by the legendary pirate. In creating the best tasting brew, the logo is features the pirate's face. The rugged look is symbolic to the lifestyle that BlackBeer would fulfill. The black color gives a manly color associated with pirates.

The Flying Comet is a news aggregator of the latest breaking stories in cosmology. The comet describes moving forward and discovering new information in our universe. The black and red is the mysterious lining that entices us to want to know more about the unknown.  

A redesign of the beloved non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Puget Creek. Puget Creek Restoration Society uses blue liquid movement in its title while showing it's plant life. There is an added weight to the leaves to give a more realistic look to them as well as clean legibility in their full title. 

Moon Snail is a radio show featuring indie folk artists and hosted by two girls who are passionate about music. The concept behind the logo shows their personaility in the antenna of the snail as the "peace" hand gesture. The using neagtive space in the shell to create moon craters that represents their "impact". This shade of blue brings a passive vibe that one would feel from listening to them.