Visual Problem: Visual identity a lot less serious than the competition and no way of managing it.

Visual Solution:  Stand out from all the other VA loan lenders and find their own voice.

Infographics are a important marketing tool and were a market to reach the women that are qualified for VA loans

Using shapes of being in a gun show, veterans principles, and home lending, this flyer showcases their brand identity 

Brochures of each loan officer to show their expertise and personality 

Improving brand identity by following a brand guideline that follows what color, typeface and variations that should always be used.

PowerPoint presentations to show the process of getting a VA loan

A website that immediantly shows their brand values and gets through their application as easy as possible

 "Nick has been such a great help in getting veteran's the new homes they deserve. We apprecaite his creativity and go getting attitude."

Brooke Villano, Branch Manager